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Get Fit Without Going To The Gym

Sure, the gym is a great place for some people to get fit. But it’s not for everyone. Some people suffer from agrophobia and gymtimidation. And if this is you, then there are many other ways for you to get fit without going to the gym.

So, what are some of your alternatives?

It turns out there are many ways to stay in shape without visiting a gym. Let’s look at four of the most popular examples:

Get Fit Without Going To The Gym By Walking To Work And Back
Get Fit Without Going To The Gym By Walking To Work And Back—Photo by Alexander Suhorucov on Pexels.com

Get Fit Without Going To The Gym #1 Walk To Work And Back

Do you live within a few miles or kilometres of your workplace? If so, you probably commute there and back by car or use public transport. And while these two options are undeniably convenient for you, they have little input into improving your health so you stay in shape. That’s why it makes sense to walk to work and back instead.

Also another benefit of walking to walk and back is you’ll also save on commuting costs. That’s money that you can put towards fun activities like going on vacation or enjoying a night out with friends or family.

Martial arts is a fabulous way to get fit without going to the gym
Learning Martial Arts Improves Your Mobility And Makes You Less Vulnerable—Photo by Haste LeArt V. on Pexels.com

Get Fit Without Going To The Gym #2 Learn Martial Arts

Another fantastic way to keep fit is participating in martial arts like kung fu. While it’s true that you’ll learn all kinds of self-defense techniques, martial arts also give you a full-body workout. Other bonuses of martial arts are it teaches you discipline and how to deal with pain. These are two practical lessons you can easily apply to fitness and other areas of your life.

If you’re a little apprehensive because you’ve never tried martial arts before, then consider going to an open day or trial session. If you’re not one to enjoy trying new activities by yourself, then invite a friend for some moral support. Sharing a new experience with someone you care about is always an enjoyable way to test out your abilities without feeling vulnerable.

Join a dance class to improve your fitness
Dance Your Way Fit—Photo by Michael Zittel on Pexels.com

Get Fit Without Going To The Gym #3 Join A Dance Class

Dancing is an invigorating way to give your body a workout. You get to move your arms and legs, torso, neck, back and hips. You’ll also improve your coordination and balance. Plus, it will stimulate your mood and release those feel good endorphins. Of course, you’ll also movements have lots of fun in the process.

To get your groove on, you could join a local dance group and learn different styles and techniques of dancing. This approach may see you meeting new people and it might even inspire you to take up new pastimes like acting—another way to improve your fitness.

If you don’t want to join a local dance class, then you can you simply boogie on down to your favorite songs at home. Why not turn up some tunes now ans give it a go?

Swimming improves your fitness without going to the gym and its great is you have limited mobility
Swimming Is Ideal To Improve Your Fitness If You Have Sore Joints—Photo by Guduru Ajay bhargav on Pexels.com

Get Fit Without Going To The Gym #4 Go Swimming

Do you enjoy spending time in the water? Perhaps you like the fresh, salty air and motion of the waves when in the ocean? Or maybe you love plunging into a pool?

You might not realize it, but swimming is another excellent way to stay in shape. Swimming is a practical way to build up your upper body and cardio vascular strength. As a result it increases your heart and lung capacity and it improves the toning of other muscles in your body. Additionally, swimming and is very therapeutic if you’re currently nursing some trauma like muscle damage or injuries to your body.

Hiking is fun with friends and is an excellent way to get fit without going to the gym
Hiking Is Fun With Friends—Photo by Guduru Ajay bhargav on Pexels.com

Get Fit Without Going To The Gym #4 Challenge Yourself With Hiking

Last but not least, you could think about challenging yourself by walking longer distance or through hilly terrain on the weekends. You may even want to count those steps you take and make it a goal to walk more the following day.

How is that possible?

You could use a fitness app on your smartphone like Google Fit to count each step you’ve taken every day. Or you may want to buy a fitness tracker that counts your steps. With that information on hand, you could challenge yourself to walk further distances to reach your fitness goals even quicker.

Get Fit Without Going To The Gym Key Takeaways

  1. Walk to work and back daily;
  2. Learn martial arts;
  3. Join a dance class; and
  4. Challenge yourself with hiking.

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