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Engagement Ring Health Considerations

Many people only think two factors when buying an engagement ring–the style of the ring and the cost. But these are only minor. Have you thought about engagement ring health considerations? We know this sounds a little crazy, but not everyone can wear the same ring. Factors such as is the ring hypoallergenic or not come into play. You also need to ask yourself does the ring have therapeutic properties? Will the size be too small and possibly restrict circulation? Will the stone be too big? Could it become snagged and be dangerous? Are the edges of the ring smooth so they won’t scratch? Do grooves exist in the ring where dirt and bacteria can get trapped? All of these questions need answers so that you buy the perfect ring for your loved one. Let’s look at these now.

Choosing An Engagement Ring Health Care Considerations
Choosing An Engagement Ring Health Care Considerations–Image by Pixabay

Engagement Ring Health Considerations #1 Any metal allergies?

You should consider whether you or your partner has any metal allergies. While gold and silver allergies are rare, they do exist. A hypoallergenic alternative may be necessary such as titanium. You are more likely to experience a gold or silver allergy if you are allergic to other metals like nickel or cobalt. 

Consider Metal Allergies When Choosing An Engagement Ring
Consider Metal Allergies When Choosing An Engagement Ring–Photo by Ylanite Koppens on Pexels.com

Ring Health Factor #2 Therapeutic properties?

There are many different types of metals such as gold, platinum, silver and copper that have therapeutic properties. Take for instance the woman who wore a gold wedding band on her finger for 26-years. This woman developed arthritis in all her fingers, except the one where she wore a gold wedding band. Doctors concluded the gold band can prevented arthritis and more research into gold was needed. Other research studies suggest that wearing metal on the finger can help with other health conditions though the evidence varies from person-to-person and study-to-study. Leading to the conclusion that not all metal helps all people–it just depends on the individual’s chemistry.

Therapy Engagement Rings Can Be Any Design
Therapy Engagement Rings Can Be Any Design–Photo by Kristina Polianskaia on Pexels.com

Engagement Ring Health Considerations #3 What size?

The ring size is something that is very important. You don’t want your partner to have an engagement ring that’s too big. They may get it caught when they’re doing activities or worse still it may even come off their finger. Plus, if you get the size wrong, you may have to get the ring resized. Changing ring size can be difficult with certain ring styles. To determing your partner’s ring size you can see if they have another ring that fits lying around and use this. Alternatively, if it’s a surprise, you may have to find other ways of working out their ring size. If you end up having to make a guess, then it’s better to go larger rather than going small–sizing down is easier than sizing up.

Size Is Essental When Selecting An Engagement Ring
Size Is Essential When Selecting An Engagement Ring–Photo by Asiama Junior on Pexels.com

Ring Health Factor #4 Cut, color and clarity?

Of the 4 Cs, many people focus solely on ‘carat’. This is a unit used to measure the size of a diamond. Many people focus on buying a higher carat diamond because they think bigger is better, but size is not everything. ‘Cut’, ‘color’ and ‘clarity’ can be just as important to the appearance of a diamond. A diamond that has a high cut value is likely to be more shiny. Color and clarity are meanwhile used to determine whether a diamond is slightly colored or cloudy. In many cases, a small diamond that has a good cut, color and clarity rating can be more impressive than one that just has a high carat. Such a ring is also likely to be cheaper as carat has more impact on the price than the other Cs. 

It’s also important to consider the size and the shape of the stone too. If your partner works in an environment that is hazardous, then you may want to buy a ring with a smaller, smoother rounder-edged stone. Rings with larger stones that are triangular, heart shaped, oval or oblong may have edges may get caught on objects or get snagged. When this occurs it’s a hazard that can inflict pain.

Select The Right Stone Size And Shape
Select The Right Stone Size And Shape–Photo by Karen Laårk Boshoff on Pexels.com

Engagement Ring Health Considerations #5 Ring style?

Cleanliness is important, especially when we live in a world full of viruses and bacteria. So opting for a ring that doesn’t have tight groves and crevasses that are difficult to clean is essential. You don’t want you partner to get sick due to the nastiness hiding in their engagement ring. Plus, if your partner works in an environment where cleanliness is important, then they’ll need to be careful also.

Engagement Ring Style Is Personal
Engagement Ring Style Is Personal–Photo by say straight on Pexels.com

Ring Health Factor #6 Where are the metals and diamond sourced?

You may want to consider where the materials of the ring have come from. Some mines are known to use unethical practices like child labor, poor health and safety, and low wages. There is also the issue of ‘blood diamonds’ – diamonds that are mined specifically to fund war. It could be important to make sure that a ring’s materials come from an ethical source. Companies like Brilliant Earth could be worth looking into. These companies use only materials from trusted mines, as well as lab-grown diamonds and recycled metals – so you don’t have to feel guilty about where the materials came from.  

Where Does The Engagement Ring Come From?
Where Does The Engagement Ring Come From?–Photo by Porapak Apichodilok on Pexels.com

Engagement Ring Health Considerations #7 Should you order a custom ring?

Many people buy rings off-the-shelf. But, when you do this you don’t know a great deal about the ring. This lack of information leads to many questions. How long has the ring been sitting on shelf? How many people tried it on? How clean is the ring? Where has it comes from? Who made it? However, there are a growing number of companies offering custom engagement rings. These allow you to design every aspect from the material and style of the ring to the quality and position of the diamond. Just be sure to leave a few weeks before you plan to propose–these rings can take a while to manufacture and deliver.

Custom Engagement Rings Are One Of A Kind
Custom Engagement Rings Are One Of A Kind–Photo by Engin Akyurt on Pexels.com

Ring Health Factor #8 How will you present it?

Finally, it’s worth considering how to present your ring. If your partner is serious about the health of the planet, then they may not want to see their engagement ring boxed. They may prefer to see the ring on a rose or another favourite flower. You can also get creative and have a unique wooden or other biodegradable custom box made espeically for the occassion.

There Are Many Ways You Can Present An Engagement Ring
There Are Many Ways You Can Present An Engagement Ring–Photo by Lukas on Pexels.com

Engagement Ring Health Considerations Key Takeaways

Before purchasing an engagement ring consider all health factors. After all you want to get a ring that your partner loves.


Just to recap, the engagement ring health considerations that you should think about are are:

  • Any metal allergies? Does your partner have skin conditions? Have you noticed that they only wear a cetain type of metal?
  • Therapeutic properties? Does your partner have health conditions? Does a certain type of metal or stone help to alleviate this condition?
  • What size? How big is your partner’s finger? What type of work do they do?
  • Cut, color and clarity? What asthetic qualities do you want the ring to have? What’s the size and shape of the stone?
  • Ring style? Is the ring easy to clean? Will it become dirty and unsafe?
  • Where are the metals and diamond sourced? Is the ring manufactured locally? Who made the ring? Who has handles the ring?
  • Should you order a custom ring? Do you want a one of a kind ring that you know the history of?
  • How will you present it? Is your partner serious about the health of the planet? Can you present it in a way that’s sustainable or reduces the carbon footprint?

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