Live Love Your Body

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Body image is a major concern in Australia. According to the Better Health Channel, Australian’s spend $1 million a day on fad diets.

Manisha Lee, artist and director of Love Live Art aims to help others see their beauty no matter their size.

“The mission of Love Live Art is to help people find, celebrate and glory in their many beauties,” said Lee. Suddenly curves, lines, and other so-called imperfections can be seen for what they are – beautiful.”

Lee focuses on body image.

“When I talk about body love and body confidence, it’s about loving what you have and working with it,” she said.



  1. Chi Jaskolski says:

    Keep functioning, impressive job!


  2. Clayton Vanolinda says:

    Very interesting info! Perfect just what I was looking for!


  3. Like this.


  4. Super jazzed about getting that know-how.


  5. At last! Someone who understands! Thanks for posting!


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