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Julie Goodwin, Australian MasterChef winner for 2009, has decided it is time to shape up and she has elected to train with Central Coast Mariners defender, Pedj Bojic.

Pedj Bojic, a health and fitness professional and Julie Goodwin’s personal trainer of some three months, says that Julie contacted him in hope of improving her overall fitness.

“Julie e-mailed me and she’s now doing group training and two-on-one training with her Husband,” said Bojic.

“The fitness plan we’ve designed for Julie is structured around her lifestyle. It’s about ensuring she’s active and healthy,” he said. “The sessions we do together range between boxing to kettle bell training, to ropes, and power-bags. We are always rotating what we do to ensure the sessions are kept fresh and interesting.”

“Julie’s goal is to strengthen her core and simply to enjoy exercising,” said Bojic. “It’s also about keeping her mind fit. With her professional life it’s valuable to have that fitness.  Her exercise consists of stretching and low intensity cardio as well as core strengthening so she can be active and enjoy life.”

Bojic, a defender for the Central Coast Mariners, an A-league Australian football team, says that he trains hard to maintain his own fitness and balance his lifestyle.

“I do about 20 hours a week ranging between early morning and night-time. For the Central Coast Mariners, we train during the mid-morning to early afternoon, so my work as a personal trainer is balanced around our sessions,” said Bojic. “When we travel around Australia for away matches I sometimes have to cut my hours back.”

“It is a balance between the right exercise throughout the week and maintaining a really healthy, nutritious diet,” he said. “For me, health and fitness is 60 percent nutritious, 40 percent exercise. I recommend people look to consume the most natural diet possible, and that, for me, is the Paleo Diet.”

To maintain a good level of fitness and to keep healthy, Pedj Bojic recommends that you don’t over train, and that you follow the 90/10 rule.

“People should never over train. Make sure you listen to your body, because the body is always right,” said Bojic. “And, go off the 90/10 rule. This means that from a food perspective, you should eat 90 percent good food and ten percent bad.”



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    I’ve always wondered what Julie was up to. Thanks for the share.


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    Love your work


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    Julie rocks


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    Yes! Finally, something about health that I relate to.


  6. I love this lady. Thanks for the update


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    WONDERFUL Post. Thanks for share.


  10. I enjoy the way in which you have discussed this particular subject. Very insightful. I look forward to viewing the other comments.


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    The learning and knowledge that we have, is, at the most, but little compared with that of which we are ignorant. – Plato


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    Brilliant. I always wondered what Julie was up to. Now I know. Good on her!


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