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S2H Replay is the ‘Be Fit’ Incentive of the 21st Century

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Being inactive and consuming a poor diet are the two main lifestyle risks that contribute to obesity in Australia.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, more than 90 percent of Australians have inadequate fruit and vegetable intake and some 70 percent lead sedentary or inactive lifestyles.

Maree Mamo, general manager for Rewarding Health, the Australian distributor for the S2H Replay and Step systems, believes that the answer to getting Australians ‘off the couch’ is to reward them for their activity. Mamo says she has done this by introducing the Replay and Step into Australian culture.

“It’s all about providing motivation to get off the couch and get active,” said Mamo. “The more active you are, the more rewards you earn. Rewarding Health is excited by the potential that the $39.95 Replay and Step can have on decreasing the overweight rate in Australia, as well as making sport even more rewarding,” she said.

The S2H Replay and Step are two revolutionary devices developed in America. These devices, which are bright and colourful, record physical activity, and after 60 minutes of movement the device displays a code that the user then uploads to an online account. These points then accumulate and, later, they can be redeemed for rewards such as gift cards and goods from major Australian retailers.

Retailers that are in on the act include Myers, JB Hifi, EB Games, Target, Officeworks, and David Jones says Mamo, who brought the S2H Replay and Step to Australia because she wanted to motivate others, especially those she loved.

“A person close to my heart, like many others his age, spends a lot of his time in front of a screen,” said Mamo. Be it the computer, game console, phone, or TV. Technology is certainly a part of life, but unfortunately it has contributed too many of us, especially young people, losing their battle with balance between inactivity and physically activity,” she said. “We, who love them, want them to be healthy and fit, but we struggle with how to motivate them. My personal experience is why I feel so passionate about S2H Replay and Step and why I am proud to bring these products to Australia.”

“The Replaydetects and measures physical activity, and then, it produces a code, which can be uploaded online to receive points. The Step, on the other hand, measures the number of footsteps taken, and it is great for those that prefer to walk. Points can then be redeemed online for cool gift cards, products and prizes,” said Mamo.

“The S2H rewards program takes the things young people enjoy, and turns them into motivation to get physically active,” she said. “Whether your loved one likes video games, toys, books or clothes, those items now become the motivator to help them get active.”

“Rewarding Health is proud to be the exclusive Australian distributor bringing the Replay, and soon the Step, to families nationwide.”

Mamo feels that the S2H Replay and Step will provide Australians with the extra motivation that they need to get active.

Dr Peter Dingle, a retired professor who holds a Bachelor of Education, and Science with Honours, says that health is the most important thing we have. Without it, says Dingle, we have nothing. Even a small decline in our health limits us and detracts from our life.

Dingle says that his drive to educate on better ways to live is driven by misinformation.

“There is so much wrong information out there,” said Dingle. “Starting with the food pyramid, right through to weight control and cholesterol. You need to know what is right and how to maintain your health,” he said.

“I have researched goals and motivation for 20 years, and when I explain the basics and why it works, not to mention the benefits of all aspects of health, it becomes a big motivator,” he said. “Diets kill. A nutritional program heals.”

“For most people there is no such thing as balance,” said Dingle. “We are designed to work 3-4 hours a day, but often work more than 12 when we include office and home work. I see health more as life integration so that you are able to build your health during your day,” he said. “You don’t just do exercise at the end of the day when you’re already tired. Instead, always have healthy food, not what the ads tell you are healthy. Always look for an opportunity for some walking, for some quiet time, and for being healthy.”

Professor Dingle, an advocate for sustainable health, feels that a mixture of exercise and good foods will lead to a healthy lifestyle and a long-lived life.

“I walk a lot, jog a bit, and surf a bit, play basketball a bit. Do lots of bits and always have healthy food available,” said Dingle. “I have quiet time every day for gratitude and to help create that life that I want.”

He also recommends drinking lots of water and no soft or energy drinks, and walking often.

“Walk everywhere you can. Build it into your day,” said Dingle. “Eat fresh, eat raw, as much as you can, “he said. “ Raw salads are full of enzymes and add to your energy. Eat the salad before you eat any processed foods.”

This advice, coupled with the S2H Replay and Step, could lead to a healthier more active Australia, and see the younger and older generations enjoying more quality time as they take control of their lifestyles and develop their health and fitness levels.

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  2. Eating is essential to creating muscle and losing weight. The key is not to eat more than the exercise you do, and don’t consume large amounts of foods. Eating five or six smaller foods is a lot more efficient and it helps you to feel full. It also provides extra energy all through the day time for functioning and exercise.

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