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Can Hypnosis Help with Weight Loss?


By Columnist Ernest McLeod – Certified Hypnotherapist:

Hypnotism and Weight Loss
Photo Credit: Aaron Muller 2010 – Weight Loss and Hypnotism

Hypnosis for weight loss is common these days, yet one of the factors, which is surprising to many, is that it does not focus on losing weight itself. Losing weight is a side effect or result of the process that occurs when applying hypnosis. The focus on weight is what makes traditional methods, such as diets or exercise regimes difficult for many participants. As often focusing on the problem, can make it harder to concentrate on the solution.

Hypnosis Focuses on the Outcome

Well, often when you focus on the problem, you then get caught up in the problem. So, you go around-and-around in circles thinking about the problem. However, hypnosis focuses on the outcome or the result – healthy choices, eating better foods, enjoying life more, and having a fitter, healthier, slimmer body. Understandably, focusing on a positive outcome and not the hard work of losing something is much more motivating, isn’t it?

What is Hypnosis for Weight Loss?

Hypnosis for weight loss is safe and completely natural. When a change happens under hypnosis, it’s so normal to do that, as it’s coming from the inside. It can even be so normal that you are not even aware that you have changed your behaviour. Let me give you an example, some time ago a client saw me for help with making healthy food choices and in one of the sessions she mentioned that the other day her partner had asked her, “Since when have you been eating breakfast?”

This client was standing in the kitchen before work, eating a bowl of cereal; she felt normal eating this bowl of cereal.  Eating breakfast seemed like an everyday occurrence. However, this client had skipped breakfast for many years. So it was not until her partner said something, that she noticed this change had just recently occurred.

How Does Hypnosis Work for Weight Loss?

When applying hypnosis to get healthy, fit, and slimmer by making better food, exercise and lifestyle choices, willpower is not needed.  Instead, hypnosis can change your way of thinking and doing activities, and it can remove any pain. Your subconscious takes control, and you start doing new activities that your mind thinks you’ve done for a long time when in fact you’ve only just begun.

Willpower is exhausting. So, rather than wearing yourself out, hypnosis gives you an easier option so you can gain a healthy fit body.

About Our Hypnotherapy News and Review Columnist Ernest McLeod
Ernest McLeod Headshot 1Ernest McLeod is the owner of The Hypno Coach, established in 2012, and has practiced Hypnotherapy in Adelaide since 2011. Ernest is a certified hypnotherapist and studies include Hypnotherapy through ASA and ICHP Australia as well as Psychotherapy. He also holds Certified Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Certified Practitioner of Time Line Therapy with the American Board of Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

Ernest’s wealth of life experience includes growing up in Austria, close to Vienna. Moving to Adelaide in 1991 with his parents. His mum being South Australian. With his father working for the United Nations in Vienna, Ernest grew-up exposed to many cultures. After graduating from college Ernest began a career as Software Developer which spanned nearly 20-years. Having also established himself as an internationally awarded fashion photographer, Ernest moved into hypnotherapy. Something that had fascinated Ernest since early childhood.

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Disclaimer: The information published in this column is the author’s own professional and personal knowledge, and opinion. This information and opinion are not substitutes for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or another qualified health provider with any questions you may have about any medical condition and consult a qualified medical professional before beginning any nutritional program or exercise program. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read on InShape News.

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