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Collectibles That Can Ease Financial Stress

We all have goodies hiding in our garage, spare room, cellar, attic or basement. These items are often old and valuable and known as collectibles that can ease financial stress to improve your mental health. They can be anything from a box full of superhero figurines to the medals found in many Veteran Flag Display Cases.

However, the problem that most people encounter with collectibles is they don’t know how much they’re worth. Plus, they have no idea where to get them valued. The good news is you can do some research yourself to assess the value of your collectibles. This strategy will give you an idea of their value which can ease financial burden if you’re under stress. This lighter financial load can then vastly improve your mental health by reducing anxiety, sleepless nights and concern over making ends meet.

To get you started on your collectible research, we’ve dug deep into the vault below the InShape News office. Here’s what we’ve found—7 of the best types of collectibles—items that increase in value over time. So, let’s look at what’s in the vault so you can get an idea of potential value.

Toys and Figurines Collectables Can Increase In Value Easing Financial Stress— Photo by Erik Mclean from Pexels

Collectibles That Can Ease Financial Stress #1: Collectible Toys

Vintage toys are some of the easiest collectibles to value. These items have a large following as they are considered highly desirable due to a limited number being manufacturered. If you want proof, just look at how much vintage toy collectors paid for Barbie Dolls during their most recent auction. These rarities go up in price every year.

#2: Star Wars Collectibles

The Star Wars franchise produced many valuable collectibles over the years (including the original 1977 action figures). Some of these collector’s items can sell for more than $15000 on eBay today. That’s right. People are willing to pay good money for Star Wars collectibles that can ease financial stress as they become more valuable over time. Of course, this makes these items great investments because they’re popular with many people and have a long history behind them.

Ease Financial Burden By Implementing A Sound Collectible Investment Strategy So You Stop Throwing Money Away.INSHAPE NEWSFLASH

Collectibles That Can Ease Financial Stress #3: Lego Sets

The first thing that comes to mind when you think about valuable toys is probably action figures or Legos. With their huge fan base, it’s no wonder these tiny blocks sell on eBay for as much as $2000 today. In fact, many say that Lego sets from famous movies are really undervalued at the moment. So if you have any lying around your house, now might be a good time to sell. Even more so, if you’re wanting a higher price for collectibles that can reduce your financial stress now.

Lego Blocks, Sets And Mini Figs Are Collectibles That Can Ease Financial Stress—Photo by Markus Spiske from Pexels

#4: Superhero Comic Books

If you’re looking fora collectible that doesn’t take up room, then comic books are your best bet. Plus, these quick reads like the first edition of Superman sell for big dollars. Comics can fetch upwards of $400,000 these days and have a huge fan base due to their scarcity. Plus, many comic collectors want those old comics from their childhood.

Collectibles That Can Ease Financial Stress #5: Vintage Video Games

As some would say that, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” In this case, they mean video games. It’s true that games from the 90s aren’t that popular anymore with gaming fanatics. But, they do attract vintage video game collectors in the thousands who will pay crazy money for them. In fact, some people are willing to spend as much as $150,000 on original Nintendo consoles and cartridges these days. So if you’re looking for a collectible that can reduce your financial stress quickly, then these may be a good option.

Collectibles That Can Ease Financial Stress #6: Vinyl Records

The biggest problem with collecting vinyl records is their high value (and storage). If you want proof of how valuable old albums can be today, just look at what happened when Michael Jackson’s Thriller album went up for auction recently. Although prices of vinyl records vary greatly depending on the record itself, you can expect to pay at least $20,000 for some today. So, these are definately collectibles that can ease financial stress.

Vintage Records Are Collectibles That Can Ease Financial Stress—Photo by Mick Haupt from Pexels

Collectibles That Can Ease Financial Stress #6: Vintage Guitars

A lot of people think that guitars are only worth something if they’re played by famous musicians. But did you know some vintage models sell upwards of $100,000 these days? It’s true. Professional guitar collectors will get rid of their own instruments to make room for new collectible ones (so they have more space for those guitars that are truly valued). That means there is a demand out there right now, ready and waiting. Who knows how much that old guitar your grand daddy left you is really worth?

Collectibles That Can Ease Financial Stress: Key Takeaways

  • Many old toys, figurines, games, records and guitars can sell for higher prices today.
  • If you’re looking to reduce financial stress collectibles can help you make some extra cash.
  • Check out your old items before throwing anything away.
  • Who knows what kind of hidden treasure might be hiding in your home.
  • There is an ample market ready and waiting for your old and possibly valuable items.
  • Take the time to research what items you have.
  • One man’s trash really could be another man’s treasure.

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