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Everyday Strategies To Improve Your Mental Health

When you’re busy with work, study and life, new stresses start to appear. When this happens you can feel exhausted, overwhelmed and find it difficult to cope. However, when you don’t know where to turn for help, there are some quick-fix solutions you can use to improve your mental health so you get through your day and get back on track.  

Let’s look at these together now 🙂

Improve your mental health
Improve Your Mental Health By Practicing Simple Solutions—Image By Marcel Straub @ Unsplash

Improve Your Mental Health Strategy #1: Breathe

Most of us don’t think about our breathing because it’s automatic. Yet, our breathing speed and the intensity or deepness of our breath can regulate out thoughts. A deeper, slower breath is calming. A fast, quick breath makes our mind race.

So, if you’re feeling stressed or overthinking a situation, take a deep breath and become aware of your breathing—notice how quickly or slowly it’s moving. Learn breathing techniques to improve your everyday mental health. 

Improve Your Mental Health Strategy #2: Chant 

When was the last time you had a song stick in your head that you couldn’t stop singing? Chances are you were in a good mood. But even if you weren’t, it’s highly likely that the song in your head took your attention away from any distracting thoughts you had.  

Chanting is the same as that song in your head. Why do you think religious people follow chanting traditions, where their group meditate or pray using a specific hymn. In this capacity, chanting helps to take your mind away from your everyday thoughts so you focus on you and your body. This technique can calm and soothe, and let you concentrate on healthing thoughts.

Why not try singing your favourite song now? Then see how you feel. Does singing improve your mental health?

You Behave How You Think So Take Control of Your Thoughts To Overcome Mental Health Challenges.

You Behave How You Think—If You Think Aggressively, You Behave Aggressively. So Take Control Of Your Thoughts—Don’t Let Them Take Control Of You.INSHAPE NEWSFLASH

Improve Your Mental Health Strategy #3: Mindfulness 

BIt’s likely you’ve heard of mindfulness. But, do you really know what it is or how it works? If you said no, then don’t worry many people don’t know what mindfulness is or how it works.

Simply put, mindfulness is an ancient spiritual practice that can improve student mental health as well as everyday health and awareness. So, the next time you’re feeling stressed because of a task for work or school, try practicing mindfulness. Become aware of the thoughts that are causing your stress. For example, do you “need” to get something done, or “should” you carry out a task tonight? Then detach yourself from these negative thoughts and instead think of what you have done, what your proud of achieving. Your negative thoughts and feelings of anxiousness will then subside and float away.  

woman in white dress in bath tub
Photo by Craig Adderley on Pexels.com

Improve Your Mental Health Strategy #4: Eat well 

If you feel stressed and overwhelmed with work or studies, don’t look to take diet short-cuts so you have more time. One of the greatest mistakes many people make to save time, is to eat fast foods—it’s quicker right?

But the issue here is eating fast food does more harm than good. Sure you might save 15-minutes. However, the poor nutritional value of this type of fuel depletes your energy stores and then erodes your capacity to think. So, you end up with brain fog and can’t overcome 3.30itis.

Remember ‘You are what you eat’, as the old adage goes. The conventional wisdom here is that what you put into your body affects the quality of your thoughts and actions. So if you eat lots of greasy foods, for instance, you won’t perform optimally in the classroom or at work. So eat healthy carbs, protien and veg instead. You’ll be surprised at how you improve your mental health and then sustain these results.

Improve Your Mental Health Strategy #5: Ask for Help 

Don’t suffer in silence. Even if it feels like you can’t talk to someone about how you feel, it’s a good idea to get new perspectives. Additionally, you will find that people are more empathetic towards your situation than you might think; it can help to talk to a trusted friend or mentor.

Improve Your Mental Health: Key Takeaways

  • Take notice of your breath and control it if you’re overthinking, find a situation difficult or are suffering from anxiety.
  • Sing or chant when you find the going tough, as this can soothe your mind.
  • Practice mindfulness to uplift your thoughts and add a positive angle that’s more appreciative of the world around you.
  • Improve your eating habits gradually so you become more energised.
  • If you’re not coping, then ask for help. You’ll be surprised at how many people actually care about you.

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