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Tyre Choice – 23 Verses 25

There is an ongoing debate in the world of cycling as to whether the 23 or the 25 width tyre is faster. So, let’s explore this concept now.

Race Tactics – Get Your Race Brain On Before Race Day

A lot of cyclists I meet often say on the start line of races, ‘I hope this goes okay…’ followed by a nervous smile. But, racing doesn’t have to be a nerve-racking experience. Not if you prepare yourself.

How to Reduce Bike Weight for Lighter Rides

Ever worried that you are carting around a couple of extra kg’s on your bike that could be slowing you down?


The Trend of HIIT training dates back further than the current FAD we see circulating in modern circles, most notably dating back to 1996 when professor Izumi TABATA conducted research on Olympic Speed skaters with a training method of 20 seconds Ultra Intense exercise followed by 10 secs of rest. The research proved successful in its ability to obtain strong results in such a short period. The trend then caught on and we see many varying versions of the same style using short periods of intense exercise followed by short periods of rest.

Dealing with Pre-Race Nerves

Feeling nervous before a race is absolutely normal and actually healthy and should not be feared. The body needs a certain amount of adrenaline to get it going and turning up to the start line with no butterflies in the stomach will probably make you a bit lethargic in the race.

However, the issue that many cyclists/athletes face is too many overconsuming nerves and not being able to relax in order to get on with the job at hand – having fun and placing well. There are lots of things you can do to deal with ‘pre-race nerves’ to ensure you can keep your cool (but not too cool) on your race.


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