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‘Eat Yourself Sexy’ Personal Trainer Eats and Sleeps Himself Sexy

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Blake Worall-Thompson, celebrity trainer and fitness guru for the television program ‘Eat Yourself Sexy’, works out six days a week and eats and sleeps his way to a sexier body.

Lifestyle You, a Foxtel and Austar program, recently launched ‘Eat Yourself Sexy’, a segment that follows the health and fitness transformation of eight women over eight weeks.

Worall-Thompson, owner of the Ministry of Wellbeing, a personal training outlet, assists the women on the program to develop healthy fitness behaviours by introducing them to exercise programs that complement their newly found eating habits.

With work pressures and other commitments, Worall-Thompson says that is important to maintain a balanced lifestyle.

“I’m always looking after my body and making sure I’m balanced by getting enough sleep, not letting stress affect my body, exercising six days a week, and always being prepared with the best quality food,” said Worall-Thompson. “And, I always have a ‘date’ night with my girlfriend.”

The perfect workout for Worall-Thompson does not need to be high-intensity, but he does like to mix-it-up and change his program regularly.

“I believe working out six days a week is a great start. Not all sessions need to be high-intensity, but creating those habits is the most important thing,” said Worall-Thompson. “I change my work out regime every three to four weeks to make sure I don’t get bored and that my body doesn’t become too accustomed to what’s going on.”

Worall-Thompson believes that the basis of healthiness comes from a combination of good food, exercise, and plenty of sleep.

“To get the ultimate results you need to address all areas of your health,” said Worall-Thompson. “Look at your stress, sleep, hormonal balance, fitness, food, and mindset. Eat clean food, nothing that is processed, and get plenty of rest. It’s that easy.”

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  1. I believe that avoiding refined foods would be the first step so that you can lose weight. They could taste good, but packaged foods include very little vitamins and minerals, making you consume more just to have enough strength to get throughout the day. If you’re constantly ingesting these foods, converting to grain and other complex carbohydrates will help you have more energy while ingesting less. Another great blog post.

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