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GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® Methodolgy: Core Dynamics in Relation to Sport and Dance


By Columnist Dana Rader  – Exercise Physiologist, GYROTONIC® & GYROKINESIS® Master Trainer:


Photo Credit: Molly Sokolow Hayden – The Dancer 2015:

Last month I touched on the topic of what I call “core dynamics” and the GYROTONIC® method principal of “narrowing”. I discussed that it gives one the ability to move with stability and strength while enabling one to move with increased freedom which is needed to ease into powerful movements required for dance and sport.

Interestingly, Andy Murray in his many interviews leading up to Wimbledon this year (2016) endorsed the method as something that has made a big difference to his life, not just his tennis. With regards to narrowing, he states that the GYROTONIC® method mimics the twisting and turning movements he needs for his game. Yes, the use of the horizontal plane for spiralling movements in the method is necessary, however, it requires full body coordination to achieve the intended result.

Andy Murray

Photo Credit: Dana Rader – Andy Murray Documentary (Still Shot) Using GYROKINESIS®

I work with many professional and pre-professional dancers who find this concept increasingly beneficial to their ability to perform. They are given many instructions in dance but often are not explicitly given the tools they need to make these corrections, and that can lead to injuries.


Photo Credit: Karl Norling – Andy Murray vs. Feliciano Lopez US Open 2012:

Playing a sport or dancing demands maximal control of movement. There needs to be a balance between the efforts of grounding in the centre of the body and being able to move outward from this centre with the least amount of effort. So, by utilising this unique technique of “narrowing” specific to the GYROTONIC® method, as opposed to static holding or bracing used in other modalities, athletes and dancers alike have found their secret weapon. This engagement of the core dynamically enables one to change directions seamlessly, with increased speed and accuracy which is essential to success in sports as well as dance.

I will further expand on this topic and posture as related to runners in my next two articles for this series. In the meantime, congratulations are in order to Andy Murray for his win at Wimbledon, and I look forward to seeing him in 2017 in Melbourne for the Australian Open.

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