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Early Recognition and Intervention of Eating Disorders

There is a misconception that eating disorders are only prevalent among people who are extremely underweight and female. This way of thinking presents two problems. ..

From Thoughts to Behaviours

What have I learned on my journey to recovery?
I have learned that the thoughts that led to me having anorexia nervosa were never about my body or my weight…

BioHacking: Power Up Your Body

Bio hacking has arrived and synonymously kicked measly ‘self improvement’ to the curb in the same way that health food has been replaced by ‘super’ foods. If you haven’t heard of bio hacking yet you soon will.

Pilates: Safe, Low-Impact Exercise for Everybody!

PILATES NEWS & REVIEW: By Columnist Vanessa Alford – Physiotherapist, Clinical Pilates Instructor and Nutritionist: Photo credit: MANTRA emozioni olistiche 2015 via photopin (license) She knows what you are thinking. via photopin (license) Pilates is a unique method of body conditioning that integrates muscle control, breathing, flexibility, strength training and body awareness. It is a form of exercise […]


IN-DEPTH NEWS FEATURE: Sleek, super toned and supple are just a handful of words that can be used to describe a model, male or female. Those who don’t model are often envious of the model’s physique and many believe that these models were born with perfect bodies and eat very little to stay lean. However, […]


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