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Emotional Freedom Techniques Helping to Reduce Australian Obesity

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More than 56 percent of Australians are overweight or obese and some 72 percent lead sedentary lifestyles with little or no exercise.

Obesity in Australia, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, has a significant impact on the health and social lives of Australians, and affects economic conditions. All, of which, can be linked to a lack of exercise and a poor diet.

Rod Sherwin, an energy therapist at Tap4Health, an innovative weight loss medium, believes that weight and emotions are connected.

“I help people with emotional issues and peak performance,” said Sherwin. “Emotions drive our behaviours a lot of the time and this can apply to eating disorders and weight issues – the emotions that drive us to eat what we know we shouldn’t. I also work with the limiting beliefs and self-talk that holds people back from achieving their potential.”

Sherwin uses ‘Emotional Freedom Techniques’ or ‘EFT’ principles that were developed by Gary Craig, a Stanford engineering graduate and ordained minister, to help reduce Australian obesity.

“I came across EFT in my own personal development journey and thought it was so powerful that I needed to share it with others,” said Sherwin. “This method is a form of energy therapy, a generic term for the fields of energy psychology and energy medicine, which work with the body’s energy system to create mental, emotional and physical changes.”

Sherwin, who holds a Bachelor of Engineering and Science and is, currently studying Kinesiology, feels that EFT is an excellent weight loss motivator.

“EFT helps by dealing with the emotional drivers and sabotage patterns that are causing us to eat,” said Sherwin. “Whether we are depressed, angry, bored, anxious, or something else, eating supresses these feelings. Energy therapy can help identify, clear, and heal these emotional patterns. This then allows us to make conscious choices about when and what to eat, rather than doing so on autopilot.”

The proof is in the results says Sherwin, who does not believe in a ‘perfect’ lifestyle balance.

“Well, for starters, I don’t believe in ‘perfect’. There is ‘good enough’ and ‘what works for now’. Life is complicated and changes on a daily basis,” said Sherwin. “By making our goals and routines too rigid, we are actually imposing more stress on ourselves, which is counter to what we are trying to achieve in terms of health and wellbeing. Today, you might only be able to fit in a five minute workout because there is a deadline approaching but, tomorrow, you might be able to go for an hour’s exercise or to a meditation class because the deadline has now passed and the kids are all staying at a friend’s place.”

Sherwin, who balances his own energies using a variety of gentle exercises and martial arts, says that his number one health and fitness tip is to be gentle with yourself. He also believes that it is important to find out what works best for you and your body, especially when it comes to nutrition.

“Pay attention and notice what works for you. No diet works for everyone,” said Sherwin. “Some people do better with carbs for breakfast, some people, like me, do better with protein for breakfast. Take a scientific approach. Experiment with different food types and groups, and one hour later notice how you feel.”

Sherwin’s overall philosophy on health and fitness centres on three areas.

“Our health is a combination of our thoughts, emotions, and physical wellbeing,” said Sherwin. “We all tend to focus on one or two of these areas, but we need to pay attention to all three areas to gain optimal health and wellbeing.”

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