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Television Presenter Zoe Balbi Seeks Balance and No Deprivation

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Balancing your lifestyle  when you are a busy television presenter can be tough, but Zoe Balbi, presenter of ‘Eclipse Music TV’ on Channel 9 and GO, has found a solution that really works.

“Yes, it’s tough to balance auditions and shoots, as well as my leisure time, but I work out a minimum of four days a week, limit my alcohol consumption, and stick to a caffeine and dairy free diet with minimum gluten and sugar intake,” said Balbi.

“I believe in feeling in alignment so if that means taking a couple of days off from the gym, then so be it,” she said. “If you’re working a lot you can always make up gym time on the weekend. The same goes when having a ‘sugar day’ you can always eliminate it from your diet the next week.”

“I believe in balance and NO DEPRAVATION,” said Balbi. “And, I believe in looking after yourself so that you have energy and the ‘right’ balance.”

Zoe enjoys the rewards that come from maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

“Restricting my diet makes me feel in control of my eating and minimises the amount of toxic foods that I eat,” said Balbi. “I love seeing a change in my body physically and visually from working out. There is no better high than the endorphin hit you get after a workout.”

Zoe Balbi says that by being consistent and only having the odd indulgence will allow you to see good results when working out and trying to maintain your own fitness.

“Try and get to the gym most days and limit alcohol. The less you drink and the less bad food that you indulge in will reduce the likelihood of a hangover the next day, so that you can workout,” said Balbi. “Minimal sugar and alcohol. No caffeine. Eat lots of colour in terms of vegies, and eat often.”

“A swimsuit model once told me that if you do incline 15 on the treadmill at level five point five and on speed five, five days a week, and include 300 sit-ups, you will have a banging body in four weeks,” she said.

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