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5 Tips for a Happy Healthy Easter

Easter, like many festive occasions, can be a time when we overindulge in too much sugary goodness. This often leaves us feeling tired, lethargic and bloated. So how can you avoid feeling this way at Easter?

Just follow these tips from Anna Debenham, one of the leading dietitians at Hit 100

Art for Mark Lobert is a Lifesaver

Adelaide artist and gallery director, Mark Lobert, 47, who has battled lung disease over the last 18-months says that art is his breath of fresh air. Lobert, however, is one of many. According to the Lung Foundation Australia, some 7 million Australians over 35 are at risk of lung diseases, including lung cancer and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

Chronic Kidney Disease Set to Soar in Australia

NEWS FEATURE: The number of diabetic Australians with kidney disease is expected to skyrocket by the year 2020 as Australia marches towards being the fattest nation. Some 17 million Australians are currently overweight or obese state the Monash Obesity and Diabetes Institute. They predict that by the 2020 more than eighty percent of Australian adults, and a third of […]


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