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Glutes and Gait

As a podiatrist, I find that most patients present with a range of foot and lower leg issues – heel pain, Achilles Tendinopathy, Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome, Shin Splints and Patellofemoral Joint Pain are all common presentations to my clinic. Given these injuries and issues affect the foot and lower leg, both referrers and patients alike assume that the cause of these issues are located primarily in the foot. This assumption is simply not true. Of those people experiencing the injuries mentioned above the vast majority have issues at the hip and pelvis level, and the glutes…

Considerations on Choosing Your Athletic Shoe

The June long weekend generally provides us with the opportunity to get out and do those things we usually don’t get time to do. My wife and I chose to spend some time with friends, sharing an Osso Buco and a cheeky glass of red or two while catching up on everything that has gone on since we last got together. It was during this lovely afternoon that the number one question I get asked as a podiatrist was thrown to me.

Post Tib Tendinopathy

The tibialis posterior acts primarily to roll the foot out, and also controls the rate at which the foot rolls in when it contacts the ground.

Injuries of this muscle and tendon complex occur in and around the tibialis posterior tendon rather than the muscle itself…

Plantar Heel Pain Management and Treatment

Plantar heel pain, commonly referred to as “plantar fasciitis”, is defined as pain or discomfort in the bottom of the heel. It is generally characterised in its early stages by pain or discomfort when rising from rest, especially if a lot of time has been spent on the heel during the day. In the case of morning pain, it will generally occur if a big day was had the day before…

How To Choose The Right Podiatrist For YOU?

PODIATRY NEWS & REVIEW: By Columnist Andrea Castello – Biomechanical, Sports and Paediatric Podiatrist: Photo credit: The 3 of Us via photopin (license) We all know how it starts. You have a foot problem and talk to your friends, family or perhaps a health professional about it and you get the response, “Maybe you should see a Podiatrist?” Then […]


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