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Hypnosis Demystified: Am I Being Controlled?


By Columnist Ernest McLeod – Certified Hypnotherapist:

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Who hasn’t heard about hypnosis, and had a faint shiver run down their back or had a thought of mystical and magical mind voodoo from the days of old. You know, the man, the pocket watch, piercing looking eyes and electric fingers, these all come to mind. Maybe even fearing the idea of being zombie like, while obeying outrageous commands. You see these crazy people laughing like mad on stage.

Most of us have seen hypnosis on TV or as a Live Show. And, yes a hypnosis show is very entertaining. People doing  weird and weirder things. Forgetting their name or a number, talking to their shoe, playing-up, acting-up and seemingly being oblivious to the ‘real’ world around them. Doing whatever the hypnotist is commanding.

Sound familiar? Well let me tell you that these theatrics that are the entertaining side of hypnosis are only a small part of the art. Yet, this is the source of one of the greatest misconceptions surrounding hypnosis. One that has many people asking, “If I’m hypnotised do I lose control? Will I do whatever the hypnotist tells me?”

The Stage Show

Contrary to the hypnotist being in control, and that’s probably one of the factors that makes hypnosis shows so enticing and entertaining, the participants on stage are in full control of themselves. Remember, they volunteered. At any moment they can choose to leave the stage to join the crowd again.

So why are they acting-up? You ask. “That’s totally unlike what I know her or him to be like.”

Two facts play a role in this. The first is that they have agreed to participate. People who participate will have a good idea of what they are going to be doing, so this is an opportunity to do just that, act-up and act-out. While being able to shift blame onto the hypnotist. “The hypnotist made me do that”, is a great excuse.

Unleashing Your Inner Child

The other reason sits much deeper. When was the last time you ran around chasing characters from within your imagination and screaming with laughter? That’s right, most of us did this daily when we were children. As young  children we did not have a highly developed rational mind. Yet as adults, we do, and it gets in the way of enjoying a lot of fun things. Doesn’t it?

We often label something or even someone as being childish, and yet they seem to be having more fun in life.  While you’re in a state of hypnosis you are  relaxed and able to bypass the rational mind. For example, when your mind it says, “Don’t do that! We could be embarrassed”. This often prevents us from doing something.

Ask yourself now, when else would you like to be able to ignore the rational mind? Be like a child, have fun every now and then. Life will seem so much more fun.

About Our Hypnotherapy News and Review Columnist Ernest McLeod
Ernest McLeod Headshot 1Ernest McLeod is the owner of The Hypno Coach, established in 2012, and has been practicing Hypnotherapy in Adelaide since 2011. Ernest is a certified hypnotherapist and studies include Hypnotherapy through ASA and ICHP Australia as well as Psychotherapy. He also holds Certified Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Certified Practitioner of Time Line Therapy with the American Board of Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

Ernest’s wealth of life experience includes growing up in Austria, close to Vienna. Moving to Adelaide in 1991 with his parents. His mum being South Australian. With his father working for the United Nations in Vienna, Ernest was privileged to grow-up exposed to many cultures. After graduating from college Ernest began a career as Software Developer which spanned nearly 20-years. Having also established himself as a internationally awarded fashion photographer, Ernest moved into hypnotherapy. Something that had fascinated Ernest since early childhood.

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