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How Does Hypnosis Take Away Pain?

There are plenty of reported cases where a patient has undergone surgery under hypnosis in place of anaesthetics, including giving birth, major surgery and even brain surgery. This practice actually dates back to the early 1800s when physician Recamier operated on patients under what was termed a mesmeric coma.

Can Hypnosis Help with Fears and Phobias?

Fear, described as an unpleasant emotion caused by a thought that something may be a threat of danger, pain, or harm. This thought may not be even a real situation, only an imagined situation and often completely irrational. Yet it is so powerful that it changes the heart rate, causes sweating and heaving breathing and can escalate into a panic attack or a person literally freezing up.

Hypnosis Demystified: What is Hypnosis?

In previous articles we’ve explored some of the myths about Hypnosis, specifically, what it is not. So now it’s time to explore what Hypnosis is.


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