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How Gut Bacteria Affects Your Weight

We all know what we eat affects our gut bacteria but did you know that an imbalanced gut bacteria can cause weight gain?

Prebiotics: How These Can Change Your Health

Prebiotics are in plants, mostly vegetables. These plant fibres cannot be digested. Instead, they make their way through our small intestine to our colon relatively unchanged. When they get to the colon, they act as food that can stimulate the bacteria. The bacteria ferment them, and that’s why you often hear them called ‘fermentable fibres’.

How Stress Affects Your Gut Health

Stress is a product of our environment

Hippocrates said, “All disease begins in the gut.” Stress is a cause of many illnesses as it creates physiological changes in our bodies. For instance, our body reverts back to its primitive instincts when stressed. Should it fight or should it flee?

The Gut Loving Diet

Have you ever wondered about the bacteria in your gut and what foods it takes to make them happy. This is the Gut Loving Diet. These foods feed your good bacteria and starve out the bad bacteria. They are whole foods, not too expensive, readily available. You also don’t have to be a Cordon Bleu Chef to whip them up in your kitchen…

Gut Bacteria: How important are they for your overall health?

We have ten times more bacterial cells than human cells in our body. Ten Times ! We now know that not only do these gut bacteria influence our digestion, but they also affect many other areas of our health.


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