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Prebiotics: How These Can Change Your Health

Prebiotics are in plants, mostly vegetables. These plant fibres cannot be digested. Instead, they make their way through our small intestine to our colon relatively unchanged. When they get to the colon, they act as food that can stimulate the bacteria. The bacteria ferment them, and that’s why you often hear them called ‘fermentable fibres’.

The Gut Loving Diet

Have you ever wondered about the bacteria in your gut and what foods it takes to make them happy. This is the Gut Loving Diet. These foods feed your good bacteria and starve out the bad bacteria. They are whole foods, not too expensive, readily available. You also don’t have to be a Cordon Bleu Chef to whip them up in your kitchen…

Gut Bacteria: How important are they for your overall health?

We have ten times more bacterial cells than human cells in our body. Ten Times ! We now know that not only do these gut bacteria influence our digestion, but they also affect many other areas of our health.

Hidden Signs of Gluten Intolerance

DIGESTIVE NEWS & REVIEW: By Columnist Ange Sinclair – Founder of Digestive Detective: Photo credit: Gluten Free Aisle via photopin (license) It is well known that if you have gluten intolerance then you may have digestive symptoms such as IBS, constipation, diarrhoea. There are also many more conditions that could be a red flag for gluten intolerance that you […]

Bloated? Eight Reasons Why

Everyone has experienced bloating at one time or another that feeling of fullness, tightness or swelling around your abdomen and it usually comes with burping, reflux, heart burn and excessive gas. Maybe Christmas lunch springs to mind. If your experiencing bloating on a regular basis here are eight things worth investigating.


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