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Early Recognition and Intervention of Eating Disorders

There is a misconception that eating disorders are only prevalent among people who are extremely underweight and female. This way of thinking presents two problems. ..

From Thoughts to Behaviours

What have I learned on my journey to recovery?
I have learned that the thoughts that led to me having anorexia nervosa were never about my body or my weight…

Pilates: Safe, Low-Impact Exercise for Everybody!

PILATES NEWS & REVIEW: By Columnist Vanessa Alford – Physiotherapist, Clinical Pilates Instructor and Nutritionist: Photo credit: MANTRA emozioni olistiche 2015 via photopin (license) She knows what you are thinking. via photopin (license) Pilates is a unique method of body conditioning that integrates muscle control, breathing, flexibility, strength training and body awareness. It is a form of exercise […]


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