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Manage Crucial Parts Of Your Life To Increase Stronger Mental Fitness

Let’s look at how you can manage crucial areas of your life—relationships, career, exercise and home—to increase vital mental fitness. Of course, you may have other areas you wish to focus on—wealth, resilience, holistic balance, family, friends, partnerships, work/ life balance—so start where you feel you need the greatest influence.

Early Recognition and Intervention of Eating Disorders

There is a misconception that eating disorders are only prevalent among people who are extremely underweight and female. This way of thinking presents two problems. ..

From Thoughts to Behaviours

What have I learned on my journey to recovery?
I have learned that the thoughts that led to me having anorexia nervosa were never about my body or my weight…


I truly believe one of the biggest reasons people get hurt or even worse, stop running is because they try to run too fast, too long, or too soon. My main motto is, “To get faster you need to slow down.”

4 Common Mindset and Diet Mistakes

These diet and mindset mistakes are so common that you probably don’t even realise you’re making them…


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