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Early Recognition and Intervention of Eating Disorders

There is a misconception that eating disorders are only prevalent among people who are extremely underweight and female. This way of thinking presents two problems. ..

From Thoughts to Behaviours

What have I learned on my journey to recovery?
I have learned that the thoughts that led to me having anorexia nervosa were never about my body or my weight…

Hypnosis Demystified: Is it Sleep?

Often first time clients who come and see me have this idea in their mind that hypnosis is sleep. It’s quite understandable actually. After all the name itself is derived from the Greek word hypno – meaning sleep. Someone hypnotised certainly can give the impression of being asleep, even down to snoring loudly…

Horse Riding Building Better Physical and Mental Strength

IN-DEPTH NEWS FEATURE: Horsing riding is a popular recreational activity and sport that burns calories fast. In fact, more than 400,000 Australians are burning some 640 calories or more, per hour, as they gallop off into the distance. The Equestrian Federation of Australia estimates that there are some 120,000 Australians competing in equestrian events. This […]


IN-DEPTH NEWS FEATURE: The years of preparation, hundreds of hours of training and countless sacrifices have paid-off for Tate Smith, 30, Nina Curtis, 24, and Jayden Hadler, 18. All three will be competing in the London Olympic Games that start on Jul. 27 and go until Aug 12. They will be amongst some 16,500 other […]


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