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Early Recognition and Intervention of Eating Disorders

There is a misconception that eating disorders are only prevalent among people who are extremely underweight and female. This way of thinking presents two problems. ..

From Thoughts to Behaviours

What have I learned on my journey to recovery?
I have learned that the thoughts that led to me having anorexia nervosa were never about my body or my weight…

Crossing the Line from Healthy to Unhealthy Exercise and Eating Behaviours

It takes a decision to start participating in anything. All actions or behaviours begin with a thought. I believe that determining if a person has crossed the line from healthy to unhealthy behaviours around diet and exercise, we need to look at their thoughts about themselves. It may be unhealthy thoughts that are the cause…

Types of Eating Disorders and Statistics

Flipping through the Sunday paper I came across an article with a headline that reads “28 Ways to Eat Less”. Immediately I thought, this is just one example of the wrong messages that the media is giving. Where, in this instance, the number on the scale has become the focus rather than the many other important aspects of health. In fact, according to Eating Disorders Victoria, dieting is the single highest risk factor to developing an eating disorder.

An Eating Disorder’s Complexity

EATING DISORDER NEWS & REVIEW: By Columnist Eleni Psillakis – Eating Disorder Educator:  Photo credit: FAT via photopin (license) “Just eat! I don’t understand how you can not like food!” I heard this comment often during my battle with Anorexia Nervosa. It would cause my body to physically tense and sent my thoughts into a tangled mess of […]


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